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Since 2005 we have been serving businesses like yours with unique custom websites, print materials, and web graphics. Each project is imbued with all the creativity, knowledge and innovation we have worked for over the years. We never settle for anything less than excellence.

Danae's Designs is a unique force in the industry. We don't just bring creative ideas, but years of practical business knowhow and technical ability that sets us apart. We use these tools to bring you business solutions that will truly enhance your business, and add value to your customer’s experiences.

We have grown over the years because of our ongoing mission to serve our clients like valued partners. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to provide professional quality work for prices that even the smallest business can afford.

Check out our Portfolio and you will see why our clients keep coming back.

Danae's Designs is the child company of 3 Peaks Productions. 3 Peaks began as a website design company in 2005 specializing in custom websites for small businesses. As 3 Peaks grew and developed over the years it added new valuable members to the 3 Peaks team and created whole new lines of services. Each member bringing new technical skill sets and ideas.

Due to the great successes in the first 6 years 3 Peaks was able to give birth to two new companies in the beginning of 2011. Danae's Designs specializing in Print Marketing Materials & Web Design; and KCPC Networking which provides top notch Computer Networking Services and Administration for businesses. Like any good parent 3 Peaks Productions now provides supportive managerial, accounting, and business administrative services for both companies. Allowing both Danae's Designs and KCPC Networking to focus on what each does best. Serving clients!

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Danae's Designs is a division of 3 Peaks Productions LLC. For questions about this website please send them to clientcare@danaesdesigns.com.

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